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WWE Mocks Nikki Cross On RAW With New Character, Strowman Ejected From The Arena

During Monday’s night’s episode of RAW, a new character was introduced during the Firefly Fun House segment. The character, the “Friendship Frog”, made its debut to try and tell Alexa Bliss not to throw Nikki Cross away. The character was clearly a rib on Nikki Cross, mocking her for looking like what someone in WWE thinks is a frog. Bliss and Wyatt took a hammer to Friendship and killed the character off. Bliss later went on to defeat Cross on RAW:

While WWE producer Adam Pearce accidently called Drew McIntyre “Drew McInFart” on RAW, Pearce was headbutted by Braun Strowman during the opening segment. Later in the show, Strowman was be ejected from the building. You can check out some highlights from the segment below:


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