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WWE Is Working On Backup Plans If There Is Another Pandemic Lockdown

As noted, Nevada is now mandating masks due to an increase of COVID-19 cases. WWE SummerSlam takes place in Las Vegas next month. 

There have been concerns about increased COVID-19 infections as of late across the country. 

Andrew Zarian was asked about concern within pro wrestling about another lockdown during the Man Men Pro Wrestling podcast

“Everybody is concerned, it’s not just AEW. WWE is very concerned as well and they do have secondary plans. They are in motion just in case. Do I anticipate another shutdown like we had seen? No, I don’t anticipate that. I don’t think anybody anticipates that. I think you need a game plan for sure. AEW has an easy game plan, they just go back to Daily’s Place but for WWE, it’s so heavy on touring and touring that they really don’t have a safe bet. What I was told is that they are looking at six or seven buildings that they could possibly bounce around from if things get closed down a little bit. They would want to be able to tour but more controlled. This is on the WWE side, I know that everybody is concerned. All sports, any touring brand is concerned over this, it’s not just an AEW thing. Everybody needs to have a discussion. Now whether or not they are in panic mode, I don’t think anybody is in panic mode right now but it is something to be concerned about.”

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