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Wade Barrett Says He Used To Bully Drew McIntyre When They Were Roommates

During a recent interview with BT Sport, Wade Barrett revealed that he used to bully Drew McIntyre when the two lived together. He said,

“I think it’s a very easy story to tell, just based on our history. I know him as well as anybody; I’ve probably beaten him up away from the wrestling scene or away from the cameras when we used to together. I used to bully him every night, I used to kick the hell out of him and pour cans of beans over his head and stuff like that. He’d be in the corner crying, sobbing away, begging for mercy. So he knows that as a man, I can destroy him at anytime I wanted. I know there’s probably a host of people in the wrestling world who are terrified of Drew McIntyre. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s tough, and look what he did to Brock Lesnar. The man is a tough, tough man. But the truth is he knows I can batter and humiliate him. So whenever I feel like I’m ready, it isn’t a matter of Drew McIntyre calling me out. Whenever I feel like I’m ready, I can step in the ring can take whatever I want from him. He knows that, he’s aware of it. And one day perhaps, the world might see it.”

McIntyre saw the interview and responded with the following,

“Stay behind your desk grandpa, your stand-in has a better chance than you do”


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