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The Street Profits Comment On Their Early RAW Segments Where They Hyped The Show

During a recent interview with FOX Sports, The Street Profits commented on their early appearances on RAW where they’d hype the show, shooting a Skittles commercial with Ric Flair, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Montez Ford on appearing on RAW to hype the show: “For me particularly, I always want to see what I can do different on the next segment. How can we make the next segment better than the last one? And the fact that we got to work with so many people in that like Ric Flair, Booker T, all these Hall of Famers and everybody that people have seen. We got to get a chance to work with them in our own modern day way. So yeah, it was cool. The experience was just expanding. There’s so much you can do with just hyping the show up and getting everybody wanting to see what’s about to happen.”

Ford on shooting a Skittles commercial with Ric Flair: “Oh, man. It was crazy. The fact that we were able to do it during these times and create moments during these times is cool. The shoot was cool. I remember when Ric showed up on the set, he came in his way, styling and profiling, had his suit on and everything. Then he said, “All right, boys. We ready?!” I was like, “Here we go. This is gonna be a good day, right here.” The energy he brought to the set, it makes us want to work even harder. It was a cool experience, man. It was actually filmed in the warehouse where they have all the memorabilia and everything. So it was cool not only seeing all the memorabilia, but also working with someone who was a part of all this stuff.”

Angelo Dawkins on winning the RAW Tag Team titles less than a year after their debut: “I wasn’t expecting to make that kind of a noise that early on Raw, when we were there, but the opportunity presented itself so we took full advantage of it. To be able to win the Raw Tag Team titles off of Seth [Rollins] and Murphy – especially a guy like Seth Rollins who’s slayed “The Beast” twice, been Universal Champion, been WWE Champion, has pretty much done it all – to beat a guy like that to become a champion in WWE was significant in itself right there. That was definitely one of the big moments.”

Dawkins on fighting ninjas with the Viking Raiders: “When they brought it up to us, I was like, “Oh yeah. I’m about to get my Casey Jones on real quick. We bout to get that Ninja Turtles swag on real quick.” It was funny cause when that happened, right before that I freaking speared Ivar through the glass window in front of the PC. Which I was looking forward to! But yeah, getting to fight some ninjas though?! C’mon man! We got to show off our little version of Avengers: Endgame. Our little Ninja Turtle game going!“


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