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Sasha Banks Discusses WWE Travel Schedule

Sasha Banks discussed WWE’s travel schedule in a recent interview on Normal Not Normal. 

Here is what she had to say: 

“You have no idea how much I think that has changed my career. For real, it has changed my career so much. I used to be on the road five to six days out of the week. I’m not just talking about in one state. I’m driving five or six hours to different states every single day. But we’re not just talking about driving, I’m talking about flying as well – early in the morning – and I’m talking about wrestling too. I’m beating my body, jumping into a car, and driving five hours and getting to the hotel at maybe four in the morning. Sleep in until 12, work out, get your food, and doing the exact same thing. That will beat up your body. Now you get to TV, where it’s crazy to begin – you don’t know what’s gonna happen, Vince could push you out there, you have no idea. You could have a 10-minute match, five-minute match, nothing, or a 20-minute segment. Then you go home, do your laundry, and get on the road again. Now, thankfully that I live in Florida, it’s once a week. I feel like a part-timer. My body is in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’m sleeping so good. My match quality has raised the roof up, and my body just feels awesome.”

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