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Roman Reigns Hypes The Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, Talks Match With Kevin Owens

During a recent interview with The Herd, Roman Reigns commented on the Royal Rumble, being the final one to be eliminated, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the big event feel of the Royal Rumble: “I think from an annual standpoint, we provide so many things for our fans to be, you know, excited for, and I think it’s without question that WrestleMania is our biggest event. But when you do it 52 weeks out of the year, you have to continue to provide special events for your fans, and that’s what we do, the Royal Rumble is a great example of that.”

On his past Rumble performances: “The Rumble man, it’s special for me. I’ve won it before in the past. I’ve been in the top two, like, the second guy, I guess you would say the loser of the match, you know, at the very end multiple times. But that’s a great responsibility, to see that winner, to be able to push him forward to the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, to put him on that path. It’s a great responsibility as a performer. And I’ve had some really good individual matches as well, along the way. But I’m looking to do something special, and change the game in two nights.”

On his match with Kevin Owens: “You never really know when it comes to Kevin Owens. You never know if it’s going to be a war of words, or if it’s going to be a dog fight. So you’re going to have to tune in to see how exactly I torture Kevin Owens. But one thing I really want to get across is I want to make a point, so he understands what he’s stepping into. Sometimes he’s a bit delusional. He’s a tough guy and he’s a very resilient guy. So sometimes, you have to really spell it out to people like that. He’s not the best. I hold the spot. I’m the Universal Champion. I’m the head of the table. I’m the Tribal Chief of WWE for a reason. I’ve been doing this for years at a very high level – at an elite level.”


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