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Paul Heyman Posts Cool Old-School ECW Moment, WWE Stock Rises, Lashley/Zayn

At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE’s stock was at $41.95. That is up $0.48 (1.16%) from Wednesday’s closing price. The market as a whole was up 0.15%.

Sami Zayn tweeted the following earlier today, taking a shot at Bobby Lashley prior to their match at WWE Survivor Series:

Paul Heyman posted the following photo on Instagram today, showing a hand-written schedule for ECW November To Remember 1994. He said,

“Going back to the 1994 edition of ECW November to Remember, the 1st #N2R we presented after going full-throttle #EXTREME!

While not written on a cocktail napkin (I still have a few of those lying around), this was indeed scribbled about an hour before the show.

This was the night Sabu broke his neck … The Public Enemy became two-time champs by winning back the tag team titles from Mick “Cactus Jack” Foley and Mikey Whipwreck … and The Sandman revealed he wasn’t blind in one of the more memorable non-beer-soaked moments of his career!



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