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Mark Henry Comments On Vince McMahon Nearly Firing Owen Hart For A Prank

During the latest edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, AEW Superstar Mark Henry commented on his favorite Owen Hart memories, Vince McMahon almost firing Owen for a prank, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On first getting into wrestling and hanging up on Vince McMahon: “I started getting calls from people that were fans, one of which was a guy named Milo Snyborn, who was a lifting guy, but he also wrestled a little bit. He got me in contact with Vince [McMahon], and Vince called me one day. I thought it was one of my friends I watched wrestling with joking, so I hung up on him. He was like, ‘That’s not the first time that happened.’ I came into the business and he invited me to Connecticut, and I never left.”

On his favorite Owen Hart memories: “I think the funniest thing and the most memorable moment was I used to mess with Owen because he used to call people and play practical jokes on them. It got to the point where I was like, well, I want in on the fun. I was like, ‘Can you call some people I know?’ When we rode together, I used to have a bag phone where you can unzip it and pull the phone out, and it was connected to a cable still. So to entertain ourselves on these long drives, we would call my family. We called my mom and told her he was with the IRS and that he was coming to take her house, and I heard my mom cuss for the first time. We did the same thing to my manager, my coach. Told my brother that he got some girl pregnant and Owen was the girl’s dad. ‘What are we gonna do about this?’ And my brother’s like, ‘Who is this?’ You know who it is! I saw you last week,’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t even know your daughter. Where is she from? What’s her name?’ He’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ We had fun. We just messed with everybody, and I’m actually glad that ribbing doesn’t exist in wrestling like that no more because there’d be a lot of fights.”

On Owen messing with Stu Hart and Vince nearly firing Owen for a prank: “So many times he would mess with Stu. He called Stu and told him that he was his illegitimate son and that he wanted some money. Stu was like, ‘I don’t have any kids. All the kids I had I raised in my house,’ and [Owen] was like, ‘No, you remember that time in Winnipeg.’ It was really weird. He was like, ‘Who? I never touched a woman.’ And Owen was like, ‘Well, you obviously touched your wife. You have seven kids,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, it was OK for me to touch her. I didn’t touch anybody.’ He’s arguing back. He was a horrible son, man [laughs]. Nobody was exempt. He made Vince almost fire him one day. He duct-taped Vince’s briefcase to the ceiling fan in Vince’s office, and Vince came in and the ceiling fan was smoking. It burnt it up. He didn’t quit. He’d superglue your shoes to the floor. All kinds of stuff.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)


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