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Latest On Keith Lee And Other Wrestlers Being Sent To WWE PC

As noted, Vince McMahon reportedly ordered some main roster superstars back to the WWE Performance Center to work on their wrestling ability. 

Per the report, McMahon recently “threw a fit” about the working ability of certain talents on the main roster and especially upset with some of the “big guys” on the main roster. 

He ordered some of the wrestlers back to the WWE Performance Center to undergo two training classes per week. confirmed that Otis, Keith Lee, Dabbo Kato, Dio Maddin and AJ Styles’ bodyguard Omos are among the wrestlers sent to the classes.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the decision is not being viewed as “a demotion” but rather McMahon wants them to be ready for potential pushes down the road. 

McMahon just got mad because “he thinks none of these guys know how to work” and needed to polish up their skills. Regarding Lee, he knows Lee is talented, but not ready in his eyes.


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