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Jericho Says He Could Get Cornette An AEW Consultant Job If He’d Just “Shut The F*ck Up”

In a now deleted tweet, Chris Jericho took to Twitter last night and called out Jim Cornette for burying AEW over the past year. For those unaware, Cornette is often outspoken about how much he hates AEW on his podcast. In his original tweet, Jericho tagged Cornette and said he could probably get him a consultant job in AEW if he would “just shut the f*ck up!”. Jericho said,

“Heard Jim Cornette is still burying me for my work in AEW. All good because my stuff has been amazing and a huge money maker for my company. But the best part is, if he would just shut the fuck up & pull his head out of his ass, we would probably offer him a consultant job.”

Cornette received a screenshot of the deleted tweet and responded with the following,

“Since @IAmJericho deleted this tweet, you gotta read it here. Chris, I’ll tell ya same thing I told Tony a year & a half ago–I’m the only one who’ll tell you the truth cause I don’t WANT a job. After I’ve actually SEEN your show, there hasn’t been enough money printed to hire me.”

When a fan asked Jericho about the ordeal, he said, “I wish nothing but the best for Jim. But I’m too busy creating magic and entertaining the world to worry about what a grumpy old man thinks. He’s entitled to his opinion and I’m entitled to mine. And that is this…[email protected] rules!!”


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