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GCW Reveals Their WrestleMania Weekend Schedule For “The Collective: Remix”

GCW has announced the full schedule for their WrestleMania weekend events, which will be titled “The Collective: Remix”. You can check it out below:

April 8th:
Noon – Jimmy Lloyd’s Degeneration-F
4 PM: The Acid Cup: Day 1
8 PM: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6
11:59 PM: For The Culture

April 9th:
Noon: Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit
4 PM: The Acid Cup: Day 2
8 PM: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 5
11:59 PM: Violence x Suffering

April 10th:
11 a.m.: Effy’s Big Gay Brunch
3 PM: Planet Death
7 PM: Unsanctioned Pro
11:59 PM: No Peace Underground


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