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Erick Rowan Thinks WWE “Jumped The Shark” With The Fiend Character

Erick Rowan gave his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego, The Fiend, and the way that he has been booked by WWE. 

The former WWE star did so during a Q&A session with Pro Wrestling Junkies. Here is what had he to say (H/T to Wrestling Inc): 

“We were all like brothers,” Rowan said. “That also includes that some were closer than others and some got on each other’s nerves, but it was a wrestling family. Some of the good stuff and the creativity that we had mostly didn’t make it to the screen. I’m glad [Wyatt] is still getting his chance to show it weekly. I loved the Fiend thing, but [WWE] kind of jumped the shark with it. You can’t have a bad guy that just gets killed and ran through a steamroller [in loss to Goldberg] and comes right back. You can’t expect that to have longevity.

“I’m hoping all of this going in and out of the Fiend character and the Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse character – I hope that Fiend character only shows his face every now and then,” Rowan added. “It’s kind of oversaturation with it. Kind of like the Finn Balor problem. You can’t have a guy that comes out as a Demon and make him lose, because that doesn’t make him special. So, in that point, I’m sure he’ll work his way around it. He’s been doing a phenomenal job.”


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