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Drew McIntyre Reveals That He Used Vince McMahon’s Sword On RAW

During a recent interview with Ryan Satin of FOX, Drew McIntyre revealed that the sword for his entrance on RAW was actually Vince McMahon’s idea. He said he got it as a gift from Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. McIntyre said,

“We had a conversation about it, and once the boss gets something in his head. I was just thinking about walking out with a kilt. Obviously, he likes to take it a little bit further. And suddenly, we had the sword and then we had the pyro. And he was very hands on with this. And yeah, I guess I’ll let the cat out of the bag. The sword I had is actually Vince’s sword that was gifted to him by Stephanie and Hunter. I did not know, but I believe the conversation went, ‘We need a sword.’ ‘We don’t have a sword, sir.’ And Vince goes, ‘I have a sword.’ And I heard that story and told him, ‘Of course, you have a sword.’” [laughs]

I believe Hunter and Stephanie were in Scotland. And they got it from a legitimate sword manufacturer, I don’t know. I’m from Scotland, I’ve seen the sword store. They went out of their way to get a legitimate Scottish Claymore as a gift. And suddenly I was walking by the ring with the big sword and Hunter was like, ‘Didn’t I get that for Vince?’ ‘Yes, you did!’”


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