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Chris Jericho Recalls Decision to Leave WWE

Chris Jericho discussed in a recent edition of Busted Open Radio his decision to leave WWE. 

Jericho would leave WWE after working for NJPW and later joined AEW. Here is what he had to say: 

“I was just working house shows in 2015. I did 60 live events and I wasn’t interested in being on TV. I decided to do a three-month contract in 2016 to do something at WrestleMania – it was supposed to be with [Dean] Ambrose and they changed it to AJ Styles. Then I hooked up with Kevin Owens, and I was like ‘Man, this is really fun.’ It kind of reinvigorated my love and creativity. And then midway through 2017, we had the best story on RAW by far – I’m not being a jerk about that, you can go back and watch how entertaining that story was – and all that garnered us was second match on the card at WrestleMania. Second match – that’s a jobber match. First or last – those or the two, and maybe semi-main event. We were on second after having the best story of the year. I said ‘I’m done, I’m not doing this again.’ I split to do Fozzy when Judas took off and I wasn’t interested in going back to wrestling until Don [Callis] put the idea of what do you think about working with Kenny Omega? When I went to New Japan, it was like this whole new world of creativity opened up where I was like ‘This is what wrestling is supposed to be.’ There are no scripts…….it was real. That was where it all started coming back to me again doing those New Japan shows which led into AEW.”

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