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Bret Hart Lists Top WWE Stars As His Current Favorite Pro Wrestlers

Bret Hart listed the wrestlers that are his current favorites in the business during the latest episode of Confessions of the Hitman (via Wrestling Inc).

Here is what he had to say while discussing safe and dangerous wrestlers. 

On the art of wrestling safely: “To be able to make [pro] wrestling look real and to do it in a way where it looks real and nobody gets hurt, it’s a quality that is often overlooked by [pro] wrestling fans and people. And it’s always people who talk about a certain guy’s mic skills and how they look and stuff, and it’s like the most important question is how they work. Like, how do they wrestle? Do they wrestle safely? I was always a guy, when you went into the ring with me, you came out the exact same.”

On wrestlers being dangerous today: “I think the [pro] wrestlers today are as dangerous as they’ve ever been. They just do so much stuff and do it so fast. Tthere are so many people doing what I think is high risk moves where you could injure somebody’s neck. Like, I watch it, and a lot of the times, I go, ‘I wouldn’t let a guy do that to me.’”

On which wrestlers he likes: “I admire a lot of the younger [pro] wrestlers for their skill, and their talent, and whatnot. Like, AJ Styles is someone I really like; I’ve liked him for a long time. I really like the way he works, and I think, like, I watch him do stuff and I go, ‘I would be a little hesitant for someone to do a lot of the stuff he does, say, to me, but at the same time, I also know that he’s a total pro and I would trust him.”

On other wrestlers he enjoys: “There are a lot of guys I do like and I would trust working with them. Randy Orton would be one. Edge would be another. AJ Styles is really good. Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest [pro] wrestlers ever, pound for pound. Like, he’s just such a great artist in the ring. He has a great mind for [pro] wrestling.”

On leg slapping: “In [pro] wrestling today, there’s so many people slapping their legs and doing the kicks and stuff that it’s like something that– my brother Owen started all that. But I know Randy Orton said something a few weeks ago about, ‘does anyone know how to wrestle anymore without slapping their leg?’ It’s kind of true.”


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