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Bobby Lashley Wins The WWE Championship On RAW

Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz to win the WWE Championship on Monday’s RAW broadcast.

During this week’s show, WWE played up that The Miz would be defending his WWE Championship at the 9PM EST hour. When it came time for him to come to the ring, Miz was shown backstage and was having “stomach pains” so the match was delayed.

Later in the show, it was revealed that The Miz had one more hour to defend his championship. At 10PM EST, the match began and Miz intentionally got counted out, grabbing his title and running to the back.

After a commercial break, Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon were shown backstage. They noted that The Miz had yet one more hour to defend his title or he’d be stripped of it. Just prior to the main event, Shane made the match a Lumberjack Match with the RAW roster at ringside, which resulted in Lashley winning in a squash match. The win marks Lashley’s first WWE title reign. The Miz’s second WWE title run ends at just eight days. That’s the definition of a transitional champion folks!

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