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Bayley Reveals Who She Thinks Will Be The 2021 Women’s Money In The Bank Winner

During a recent interview with SportsKeeda, WWE Superstar Bayley was asked about who she thinks will win this year’s women’s Money in the Bank match, and more. She said,

“Oh man, that’s hard. But I’m gonna have to go with either one of the Riott Squad, or two. Both of them. Maybe they could share it. They are best friends, right?”

Of course, Bayley has won the Money in the Bank contract in the past and commented on being able to carry the briefcase around with her. She said,

“Yeah, I think I would have had a lot of fun with it,” she said. “I thought about that, you know, that night actually and I was like man, I would have loved to just carry it around and tease something. You know, that’s something where you’re always gonna be on TV just teasing the briefcase and teasing like ‘Is she gonna cash it in or not’ and you’re always kind of a part of the title picture that way. And I thought it would just be kind of cool just to say that, you know, call myself Miss Money in the Bank for a longer amount of time.”


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