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Backstage News On Who Backed Vince McMahon On Third Party Platform Ban

As you all know by now, WWE issued a new edict several months ago banning their talent from using third party platforms. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang called out WWE for it and Zelina Vega ended getting fired for opening an OnlyFans account.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE President Nick Khan ordered the policy but he is not solely responsible. WWE had been discussing the issue prior to him joining the company earlier this year.

Bruce Prichard and Brad Blum were both said to have backed Vince McMahon on the idea. Both are seen as “yes men” backstage so that doesn’t come as a surprise. Prichard has his own third party platform, his Something to Wrestle podcast, but he has a clause written into his contract that allows him to continue doing it.


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