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Andrew Yang Reacts To Reports Of WWE Taking Over Twitch Accounts In Four Weeks

Former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has seen the reports that WWE will be taking ownership of their talent’s Twitch streams in four weeks and he’s not happy about it. As previously reported, Vince McMahon sent an email earlier this week noting that all Twitch streams owned and operated by talent will be “taken over” by WWE and the talent will be getting a financial cut, but it would count against their downside guarantees. Yang, who is a huge wrestling fan, took to Twitter to react. He said,

“This would be infuriating to me if I had spent time building up my social media channels only to have WWE take them over from their ‘independent contractors.’ People are angry and rightfully so.”

Yang has previously said that if Joe Biden is elected president, he will push to discuss the “ridiculous classification of WWE wrestlers as independent contractors while controlling their names and likeness for years, even for something as benign as Cameo.” Of course, Donald Trump and Vince McMahon are close friends so there is really nothing Yang can do at this point.


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