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Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Live Blog: Price staying with Canadiens

On Wednesday night, the newest NHL team will unveil the first players on its roster.

The Seattle Kraken will announce the results of their expansion draft, where they will take one player from every team excluding the Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas is exempt from the process, as agreed upon when they first joined the league, and will not benefit from the Kraken’s entry fee.

A flurry of trade action on Saturday ahead of the league-wide roster freeze played out much differently than it did for Vegas. The Kraken have a number of very interesting, star names available to them if they want and Chris Johnston took a look at the most interesting players left unprotected earlier this week.

The Kraken will choose 30 players, 20 of whom must be under contract for the coming season. The positional requirements are at least three goalies, 14 forwards and nine defencemen.

As the day unfolds we’re likely to find out about any side deals the Kraken have made with teams. They may also take some players with the intention to flip them in trade in the coming days.

Follow along here as the new Kraken roster is unveiled.


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