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Who would have guessed that the Vikings would beat the Panthers 28-27? Oh wait, I did. The exact score! Don’t ask me how, as I still can’t believe I got that score correct.

There are a whole lot of games in Week 13 that have a ton of playoff positioning implications, the exact kind of football you want to be watching and enjoying in December. We also talked about that in Episode 7 of our Podcast. I even made the bold claim that the Lions would beat the Bears which caught Sid by surprise and I’m going to double down on that and make it my lock of the week.

I will also make some other bold claims like, Tua will throw over 280 yards with Gaskin coming back and having a big game collecting over 100 yards running/receiving, Howard will get another INT and the Dolphins Defense will keep the Bengals to under 10 pts. Outside of Miami I think Hill will finally make like a QB and throw a pair of TD’s against the Falcons and the Browns will shock the world and upset the Titans.

Also, I talked about this a whole lot the last couple of weeks and I’ve decided to go ahead and just call it: Washington gives Pittsburgh their first loss of the season. I know its crazy, and the Steelers will probably bounce back in this game and throw up a 40 burger, but I think Washington’s defense might catch Pittsburgh by surprise and Alex Smith will do just enough to dethrone the Steelers as the only undefeated team. Its highly doubtful, but I love a good underdog story.


Here are my Week 13 Picks

Saints 21 vs Falcons 17
Browns 35 vs Titans 31
Bengals 9 vs Dolphins 24
Raiders 31 vs Jets 27
Jaguars 20 vs Vikings 24
Lions 34 vs Bears 25 – LOCK OF THE WEEK ?
Colts 28 vs Texans 20
Rams 24 vs Cardinals 21
Eagles 13 vs Packers 30
Giants 17 vs Seahawks 24
Patriots 31 vs Chargers 21
Broncos 18 vs Chiefs 42
Washington 19 vs Steelers 17
Bills 31 vs 49ers 34
Cowboys 17 vs Ravens 24

Thank you following along with me each week.

Once again, please check out our podcast: The Fanatic Podcast with Mac (that’s me) & Sid. You can find every episode by CLICKING HERE Thank you so very much for listening!

Stay safe everyone! 

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