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Lets start off the with good – I correctly called the winner AND score of the TNF game which also was my lock of the week. Can I get some bonus points and love for that Seattle 28-21 win over Arizona?!?

Sadly, that was about all I could cheer for this past weekend. My picks kind of took a nosedive after that and gave me my worst week of the 2020 NFL Season. It was cozy going 12-2 for the last few weeks in a row and now I was brought back down to earth going a brutal 9-5 this week.

I know I know, I shouldn’t scoff at 9-5, its more than enough to win me the NFC East.

The Panthers getting a shutout against the Lions is something I didn’t see coming, but it certainly opened my eyes to the Lions and will influence how I view them tomorrow against Texans who also surprised me with a victory over New England.

I correctly called Washington over the Bengals, though very sad at how it happened and I hope Burrow makes a speedy recovery. Of course adding the *thump* to Week 11’s disappointment is the dud of a performance put up by the Miami Dolphins who saw their win streak come to an end and Tua benched late in the game.


Here are my Week 12 Picks

Texans 35 vs Lions 24 – LOCK OF THE WEEK
Washington 31 vs Cowboys 17
Chargers 38 vs Bills 35
Panthers 27 vs Vikings 28
Giants 24 vs Bengals 13
Dolphins 35 vs Jets 10
Ravens 16 vs Steelers 38
49ers 17 vs Rams 24
Bears 13 vs Packers 31
Titans 28 vs Colts 30
Browns 17 vs Jaguars 14
Cardinals 27 vs Patriots 24
Raiders 24 vs Falcons 21
Saints 30 vs Broncos 20
Chiefs 31 vs Buccaneers 28
Seahawks 28 vs Eagles 17 (MNF)

Thank you following along with me each week. Once again, please check out our podcast: The Fanatic Podcast with Mac (that’s me) & Sid. You can find every episode by CLICKING HERE Thank you so very much for listening!

Stay safe everyone! 



  1. Sanders

    November 26, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    2-0 to the week dude. way to go

  2. Ahmed

    November 26, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    Nicely done on both Thursday games. I hope you get paid for these picks man, straight money each week yo. Gave the podcast a try, liked and followed.

  3. Ryan

    November 26, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    Been following these the last couple weeks. Good call on the Thursday games man.

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