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Mercedes would support engine freeze to aid Red Bull

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says he would be in favour of Formula 1 freezing engine development from 2022 if it helps Red Bull to continue using Honda power units.

Red Bull is currently without a defined engine plan post-2021 in the wake of current supplier Honda deciding to withdraw from the championship.

Mercedes has already ruled out supplying Red Bull while under the regulations it will be powered by Renault if it cannot find another arrangement.

Red Bull has emphasised that its primary ambition is to secure a deal that would enable it to acquire Honda’s IP and effectively retain its works status.

But it is unwilling to become embroiled in a spending war with manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault and has proposed freezing development for the duration of the current regulatory cycle.

“I think for them going back to customer status is not something that they are very keen on,” said Wolff on Red Bull.

“I truly believe that Honda has done a very good job and I think there is performance in the pipeline that gives Red Bull confidence.

“Equally I understand they don’t want to go into a spending war with all the other OEMs on developing engines.

“It’s a sensible proposal, I’d like to support it, I think Red Bull is a tremendously important brand to Formula 1 and we should do everything to keep the two teams in Formula 1 and help them with the option of having basically work status.”

Red Bull has previously indicated that it wants clarity on its 2022 engine situation before the end of the year.


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