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Hendrick Motorsports fined for too much wind-tunnel testing

Hendrick has been fined $100,000 for exceeding NASCAR’s limit for wind-tunnel testing. The NASCAR Cup Series team also has been docked 10 hours of wind-tunnel testing time for 2021 after reporting itself to the stock-car racing sanctioning body for exceeding the maximum allowable time for the year by minutes.

With the introduction of its Next Generation race car pushed back to 2022, NASCAR is allowing teams a total of 150 hours of wind-tunnel testing of the current car in 2020 and 2021. Teams are allowed to use up to 70 hours of that time this season and up to 90 hours next year, but teams aren’t allowed to exceed 150 hours total over the course of the two seasons.

As a result, if Hendrick Motorsports hadn’t have gone over the 70 hour maximum limit this your, it would have a maximum of 80 hours available in 2021. With the time deduction, Hendrick’s maximum allowable time will be 70 hours, for a total of 140 hours, instead of the 150 hours.


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