Daily College Football Cavalcade: Texas and Oklahoma made their formal request to the SEC. Here we go … this is going to be fun.

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Because the possibility of Texas and Oklahoma going to the SEC is all anyone wants to talk about right now, this week will feature a series of Daily Cavalcades with different views on what could be a seminal moment in college sports.

Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

There still remains the possibility that by 2025 I’ll be too old to give a flying fig what conference Texas and Oklahoma are in.

And to think, last year at this time we were all wondering if there would be college football.

So it finally happened. Texas and Oklahoma first “reached out” to the SEC, and now they put in a formal request to join the club. Now we wait and see just how quickly ESPN and FOX can finagle the two schools out of the Big 12 as fast as humanly possible.

Rapid fire thoughts … GO.

– NO, there’s no way, no how Texas and Oklahoma are still in the Big 12 until 2025. The formal request was made to become a member four college football seasons from now. Good luck with that.

– You don’t get divorced and then stay around for another four years. Or maybe you do and life sucks. No, more than likely Texas and Oklahoma will end up paying a small fee – like 75 million or so – to get out early. They’re both probably preparing for the SEC next year at this time.

– I love college football. This is a total money play for Texas, Oklahoma, the SEC and all the networks, and yet in the first sentence from the SEC offices comes the “two esteemed academic institutions” line.

– It’s 2021. I think we’re well past the point of pandering to the academic and student-athlete aspect of major college sports.

– I suppose, technically, the SEC can say it didn’t proactively seek to ask other schools to cheat on their conference spouses, but it certainly didn’t mind being set up with two hot options.

– I’ll buy into all the Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC complaining, but enough of the geography whine. It’s over 1,500 miles from Seattle to Tucson, it’s over 900 miles from Lubbock to Ames, and it’s 1,418 miles from Miami to Syracuse. Relatively speaking, Austin and Norman are a driver/3-wood from College Station, Baton Rouge, Fayetteville and Tuscaloosa.

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– Everyone flies. So you get on a plane for two hours instead of 90 minutes. No big whoop.

– There’s a giant X factor in all of this. TV might not exist by 2025 – and I’m not being flippant. You have to go online or a streaming service to watch most of the Olympics live, and don’t think for a second that you’re not going to have to drop at least $7.99 a month to watch a bulk of the new SEC content once the league expands to 16.

– There’s another possible curveball – the 14 SEC schools have to approve this. Actually ten of them do, and it’ll happen, but we’re probably going to live through a whole lot of grandstanding before it does.

– Texas A&M is as hard a NO as it can possibly get. It’ll bluster, filibuster, and do everything else it can to make everyone aware that it really, really, really doesn’t like the University of Texas. The other SEC member institutions will be cool.

– I get Oklahoma. This is a big jump in exposure, revenue, and academic profile, but I don’t get this from a Texas standpoint. All my Texas types are lukewarm on this move outside of the money, and I’m not quite buying the reasons they do have for liking this.

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– Revenue-wise, Texas will make more, but it’s already the richest athletic school in sports and has always been at the forefront of the sports business side – hence this move. Academics-wise, Texas is a HUGE get for the SEC – it’s going to be the second-best academic institution in the conference behind Vanderbilt, or at worse 2A next to Florida. Recruiting? Yeah, players want to be in the SEC, but …

– Texas can recruit its tail off in the state and nationally and yet it’ll still beat its head against the SEC wall just like everyone else.

– Get used to the SEC life, Texas and Oklahoma. You can be really, really, really good in the SEC and still not get a t-shirt signifying a win of any importance.

– Ask Texas A&M.

Look, for people of a certain age, the idea of the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry going away was unthinkable, and then it did, and life went on. Miami-Florida State used to stop the world, and while they still play, it’s not really a thing anymore – and life went on. There’s going to be a new generation of sports fan that doesn’t know any difference in conferences, old rivalries and affiliations – and life is going to go on.

– No one believes me when I say this, but one key thing I’ve learned doing CFN since 1998 is this. College football fans say they care about rivalries, norms, traditions, and all of that, and they always scream and yell whenever one is changed, tweaked, or finished. And then everything moves on, no one really cares about the history, and everything is just fine again once the ball is kicked off.

– And now the fun really begins. The Big Ten HAS to make a proportional response move. The Big 12 and Pac-12 HAVE to at least be talking to one another. The Mountain West and American Athletic Conference have to quickly discuss some sort of alliance, and Notre Dame had better make in known that its price has gone way, way up.

– The Big 12 is going to survive. The Big Ten is going to be fine. The Pac-12 will figure something out, and the ACC will still be around because it’s locked into its awful media deal for another 1 billion years.

– And the SEC is going to be (bleep)ing awesome.

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