How did all of the SEC teams do this recruiting season? Here are the recruiting rankings for the conference, along with the stars for each team, top players, and biggest strengths.

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2021 SEC Recruiting Rankings, Breakdown

No, really. How good were the SEC classes this 2021 recruiting season?

SEC East

1. Georgia Bulldogs

The bar is set at a ridiculously high level for Georgia recruiting, and Kirby Smart and his staff hit it. There’s the normal array of four and five-star guys with a little bit of something for every spot, but it’s all about Brock Vandagriff. If he’s not the best quarterback recruit of the 2021 season, he’s close. As long as he’s close to being as good as advertised, this is a class to keep the program’s national title expectations high.
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2. Florida Gators

It’s not as good a class as the last few, but it’s close enough. No, this isn’t as strong as what Alabama and Georgia brought in, but it’s more than fine for what it needed to do. There isn’t a superstar quarterback signing – Carlos Del Rio is a good prospect, though – and there isn’t a ton for the skills spots, but the defense is loading up with a slew of excellent defensive backs to throw at the pass D problem.
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3. Tennessee Volunteers

It’s not nearly the class of 2020, but considering all the craziness, all of the changes, and all of the uncertainty, it’s a terrific group coming in. Josh Heupel didn’t get a chance to do much of anything, but the former staff got the job done to load up with a slew of strong offensive talents who should thrive under the new regime.
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2021 SEC Recruiting
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4. Missouri Tigers

It might not quite be the best recruiting class since Missouri joined the SEC, but it’s not all that far off after Eliah Drinkwitz got a full year to hit the recruiting trail. The pass rush got the most help with a tremendous group of ends, the secondary got more bodies, and Tyler Macon is a dangerous dual-threat quarterback who should be a perfect fit for what the coaching staff wants to do.
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5. Kentucky Wildcats

It’s okay. Kentucky never lands the elite of the elite talents, and it’s good at succeeding in a recruit-to-a-type sort of way, but this isn’t as strong as the 2020 class and there are a few holes. The 2022 class has to focus more on the defensive line and offensive backfield, but that’s being a bit nitpicky. The receivers are nice, the defensive backs are sneaky-solid, and for what UK does, it’s a fine group.
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6. Vanderbilt Commodores

Who comes up with a strong recruiting class after a coaching change? Most of the work was done by Derek Mason and the former staff and new head man Clark Lea picked up from there. It’s a big class that might be the program’s best in several years starting with a whole lot of very good prospects for the defense. WR Quincy Skinner is one of the stars of the class, but this group is put together to lock down the other side of the ball.
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7. South Carolina Gamecocks

It’s a rough class mostly because of 1) the midseason coaching change and 2) the bigger classes in the previous years. The hope is for QB Colten Gauthier to make this small group great – if you can find a strong SEC starting quarterback, the class is made – but there’s no real star power. The other odd thing? There’s not a lot from South Carolina with just three in-state players signing.
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