College Football Daily Cavalcade: High school superstar quarterback prospect Quinn Ewers is leaving early to get to Ohio State. Okay, but is this the start of a trend?

College Football Daily Cavalcade: Quinn Ewers Leaving High School For Ohio State

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

To be totally fair, I’d like to forgo just about anything to go to, say, Arizona State.

In my case, a readily accessible pool and lax campus restrictions had a whole lot to do with it.

I totally get it, but it still sort of sucks.

I’ve always subscribed to the Bill Parcells belief on great prospects who stay in school an extra year – if you’re a football player at the highest level, go be a football player at the highest level – but kids skipping their senior year of high school to play college football early – especially with money now a part of the equation – is just … icky.

Full disclosure, I hated high school. More to the point, I hated the brutal boredom of school.

I was accepted into college early in my senior year and was more than ready to go live the life – I grew up on and around college campuses; that’s where I wanted to be – and then a funny thing happened along the way. My senior year was a blast.

Of course, senior year was awesome because I dumped every class that mattered for every study hall I could find about 14 seconds after I got my first college acceptance letter, but it was obviously more than that.

Superstar quarterback prospect Quinn Ewers is blowing off his final year of high school to get to Ohio State a year early. This is hardly anything new – JT Daniels going early to USC was one of the latest high-profile instances – and of course he should do whatever he wants – it’s his life, his choice, and his opportunity – but going forward in an NIL world, more and more this is going to seem … again, icky.

High school football recruiting is already creepy, and now take that up few notches with the Name, Image and Likeness side as a part of the decision-making process.

Is Ewers going to Ohio State early because there’s an opening to compete for the starting job? Yeah. Again, there’s absolutely no dogging the dream here. But is this move helped along because there’s a TON of NIL money and a whole lot of endorsements about to come with the gig of being the Buckeye starting quarterback? Uhhhhh, you think?

Obviously we’re a hundred miles past the point of getting weird about children giving up their youth for pro money – hey, Olympics, professional tennis, Britney, what’s up? – but to get maudlin and cliché about it, how many successful adults at work right now would give anything to go back and be a goofy high school senior again?

To keep the cheese flowing, you only get one shot to be a teenager with a senior year to play around. Once Ewers hit campus in Columbus, in the NIL world he’s a professional athlete with professional responsibilities, pressure, and all the things that go along with being the starting quarterback at a place that thinks of Big Ten titles as a given and national championships as the expectation.

Guys like Ewers, though, more often than not are ready for it all. That doesn’t mean on a human side that it’s all going to be cool if this becomes the norm.

College isn’t going anywhere, and the NIL money definitely isn’t going anywhere but up.