The first predictions, early lines, and quick analysis of all the 2021 NFL playoff games – conference championship version.

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It makes sense that the best quarterbacks and the best teams are in conference championships, but assuming – and really, really hoping – Patrick Mahomes is okay and ready to roll for the AFC Championship, the star power coming up on Sunday is as good as it gets.

This isn’t Tom Brady vs. a Drew Brees who’s on his last ride before hitting the TV booth. This is Tom Brady vs. soon-to-be-MVP Aaron Rodgers in what’s expected to be the snow and cold of Green Bay.

It’s Mahomes – again, fingers crossed – vs. Josh Allen in a battle of superstars who’ll be a big part of our NFL lives for the next decade.

Throw in the fun of a Buffalo Mafia fan base that’s losing its mind, the defending Super Bowl champs, Rodgers in his first home NFC Championship game, and Tom freaking Brady being a game away from another Super Bowl appearance, and …

Yeah. The NFL Playoffs are awesome.

As always, without doing any research or giving it a whole lot of deep-dive thought, we give our knee-jerk, always-go-with-your-first-answer thoughts and predictions along with a first guess line on each game. Then we go back and add the actual lines.

When our game previews come out – after the news of the week happens and we make the call for real – these can and might change, but …

NFL Playoff Conference Championship First Thought Predictions
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers
Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

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