A proposal to expand the College Football Playoff to 12 teams is on the table. What would’ve happened if this was the format from the start?

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A proposal has been created by the College Football Playoff management committee to possible expand to 12 teams. It’ll be discussed next week with several tweaks, arguments, and counter-proposals sure to follow.

The plan would be to take the top six ranked conference champions to go along with the top six other teams according to the final college football rankings.

The top four teams – conference champions only – would get a bye, and the first round would be played on the home field of the higher seeded team. The quarterfinals would be held in bowl games – to be designated later – all leading to the four team format that’s in place now.

So what would a 12-team College Football Playoff have been in the old format?

From 2014 on, here’s how it would’ve played out.

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2014: With College Football Playoff Expansion 12-Team Plan

Final 2014 College Football Playoff Rankings Top 12
1. Alabama (SEC Champion)
2. Oregon (Pac-12 Champion)
3. Florida State (ACC Champion)
4. Ohio State (Big Ten Champion)
5. Baylor (Big Champion – through tie-breaker)
6. TCU
7. Mississippi State
8. Michigan State
9. Ole Miss
10. Arizona
11. Kansas State
12. Georgia Tech

Top 3 Left Out
12. Georgia Tech
13. Georgia
14. UCLA

2014 College Football Playoff First Round Would’ve Been …
First Round Bye: 1. Alabama, 2. Oregon, 3. Florida State, 4. Ohio State

20. Boise State (Mountain West Champion) at 5. Baylor
11. Kansas State at 6. TCU
10. Arizona at 7. Mississippi State
9. Ole Miss at 8. Michigan State

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